Beyond the Darkside cover What does a screaming skull, a vampire killer, a murder museum, a demonic pact, and a puzzling paranormal convention  have in common? The answer: Pearl Blackthorn. Although she writes for Darkside magazine, and delves into the darker recesses of the imagination for her horror novels, when it comes to the supernatural, Pearl is a diehard skeptic. As if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate, she also has to contend with her growing feelings for Private Investigator Aldous   Raven and his search for his missing brother. And as Pearl’s investigations continue, the dark side of her own past is about to   catch up with her. Buy a copy.



Pearl Blackthorn is a novelist and investigative reporter for Darkside paranormal magazine. Armed with her digital recorder and accompanied by her friend and photographer Harry Raymond, Pearl is sent by her editor J.J Benson – affectionately known as Benny – to the four corners of Great Britain, (and sometimes further), to investigate stories of spirits and specters, demons and doppelgangers, prophecy and possession. The problem is, Pearl doesn’t believe in the supernatural; her creative imagination is tempered by a strong skepticism. She is immovable on her stand that there is always a simple, rational explanation behind every report of paranormal activity. But Pearl soon realizes that the intricacies of paranormal events are often far from simple and not always rational. Buy a copy


Haunted History: Atlanta and North GeorgiaTake a spine-tingling tour of Atlanta and North Georgia that presents real life ghost stories and    encounters with the world beyond. Meet ghosts from the Civil War, life-saving guardians, mischievous southern belles, and demonic entities as you explore The Fox Theatre, Dahlonega Gold Museum, Tilley Mill, The Shakespeare Tavern, The Eagle Tavern Museum, and Tunnel Hill. Be prepared to be chilled to the bone in Georgia!

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Murder and Mystery in Atlanta Atlanta, the largest city in the Southeast, hides a dark and violent past. Join local author Corinna Underwood as she investigates some of Atlanta’s most notorious crimes, many of which are unsolved, from the city’s first homicide to its gender hate crimes. Who really killed young Mary Phagan in an Atlanta pencil factory? Was there really an Atlanta Ripper, or was it just a series of copycat killings? After reading these chilling accounts, you’ll be sure to lock your door.

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Book of Time

Holdfast had been a thriving community of four elemental clans for as long as anyone could remember. Each clan member is gifted with elemental power connected to earth, fire, air and water, that is channeled through the energy of the Becoming of all things. Threatened by the Dominar and his minions in the Citadel who want to control the Becoming, the clans fled through a portal to another land, another time to begin their lives over, but not all of them made it through in time….

Separated from his sister Ree and their clans at the age of three, Hal has grown up in the ruins of Holdfast with only his grandmother, Marlis, to keep the old traditions alive. For ten great cycles the two have waited for the return of the Great Solstice when the portal between this land and the one that is home to their clans will open, and they can be reunited once more. When Hal and his sister finally meet, Ree must learn the shocking truth about their parents who have been locked in an endless sleep for the past decade.

Hall is faced with further challenges when he realizes that many of the clan members believe that his grandfather betrayed them all to the Dominar,; a man who will stop at nothing to achieve immortality. Brother and sister also begin to question whether they were right to rescue the injured stranger from Holdfast and bring her through the portal as she may be a spy for the Dominar and a threat to their lives.

As Ree and Hal help each other come to terms with their growing knowledge of the Becoming and their past, they are determined to venture into the Dreaming in search of a man only before heard of in nursery rhymes. Does he really exist, and can he possibly hold the key to their parents awakening? While in the Dreaming, Hal and Ree not only find the answers to these questions, they also have a startling revelation about their own powers and their destiny to save the Becoming.


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